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Are you interested in becoming a reviewer?

Because we, at Sacred-Literature, are not only about the creation of literature, we run a book review program.  We are looking for dedicated members that will review their favorite books.

While this is contributing to the group, it is not a contributor's position. Any of our members can become a book reviewer. The ones that wish to become a full-time reviewer for SL, their book reviews are placed in the featured gallery.

To participate in our book review program as a full-time reviewer, either send a note to me or comment on this post.

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A book review at Sacred Literature is a serious piece of work. We are not talking about book reports. We want to hear your opinion about a book or a piece of writing.

:earth: Read the book carefully. Make sure you take notes on what you feel is relevant to the piece and your impressions of the author's ideas (and arguments).
:earth: Determine the author's chief themes of the text, the kinds of evidence used, and the way the author uses them.
:earth: Check your grammar.

Where do I place my reviews?
There is a folder called: Sacred-Literature Reviews. This folder is the only place where we allow journal entries.


:earth: Hamilton University
:earth: Slashdot
:earth: The Iowa Review
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Submitted on
January 30, 2013