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Ending Date: 10.31.2012
Theme: Write a short horror Halloween story about costumes coming alive after people start wearing them. It can come alive either while being worn or after being taken off. It's your choice on timing. You may also choose to make it happen to all costumes, one or two character(s), the kids, home owners, whatever you want. Everything is up to your imagination.



Winning Piece

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Winning Piece
Yummy Stones"Leon, put down that hand and come here right this instant," my mother shouted across the room at me, making me drop it with a flinch.
I cringed a little at the echo resounding throughout the department store. Like gee, mom, you don't notice how crowded this place is? You're disturbing everyone!
Grumbling as I headed over slowly to her, hands stuffed into my pockets, I glared down at my ratty sneakers and then waited for her to point out what she wanted when I arrived.
"What do you think of this costume? It's called Stone apparently," she said in a contemplative tone.
I don't care, mom, I thought with an eye roll. I mean, really? Stone? Obviously a lame—
I stared up in fascination at just about the most gorgeous, utterly wondrous beauty of a costume that had ever been created. My mom was holding it with her filthy hands! I snatched it from her and right then and there, as if compelled, as if some magical force was pressuring me to do it, pulled it on over my c

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Human Fantasiesi fantasize about fame. success. dreams. love.
i'm sure you do, too. all of them, right? mostly fame and success though, i bet. outwardly, to people you talk to, you claim to dream of dreams and love. you claim to long for that wish fulfillment of yours, and the one for you. your soul mate. your other half.
but deep, deep inside you, your mind, your always fantasize about that one selfish, self-centered, single achievement of becoming famous, popular, successful. when—if—you get your dream job, you'll climb up the ladders of ranks and status. you'll be that famed—what?—CEO, author, director, actor, celebrity everybody talks about. you'll be that, them, and more.
there's nothing wrong with that. it makes you human. i want to be the author everybody spreads the word about. i want to be that editor everybody goes to for help. i want to be that one person my soul mate seeks love from.
that makes me selfish? self-centered? guess what — huma
Secret Santa entry"Mama, papa, look! It's Santa Pa!"
It's Santa Claus, baby, I thought as I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Kids these days.
"You look like a deviant user," the bouncy robot in a Santa Claus outfit told me when I turned around and came face-to-face with it. I jumped away in alarm and stared at it. "You look like a deviantART user. The Christmas celebratory program has informed me that the first user I see here is to be my Secret Santa receiver. Now, your wish, ma'am?"
It's sir! Damn you bots. Why do all of you mistake me for a damn woman?
"I want to win this writing contest being hosted by another user called =Starija. Care to prove your worth?" I raised a sardonic eyebrow at the impervious Secret Santa.

If you wish to add this as a prize for your contests, please do not hesitate and let us know through a group note.
Starija Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Writer
once again, thanks~ /will go feature dagoth too. lol
dagoth-jeff Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, thanks a lot! I'm honored... =)
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October 19, 2012